Video Games

Video Games

The firm is renowned for its knowledge of the video game industry in which it has been involved for over 10 years.

The firm has a large client base in the video game industry and regularly works with players involved in various stages of game creation (development studios, localization studios, publishers, distributors, etc.).

The firm assists and advises studios and publishers specializing in console, PC and mobile games, for French and international companies alike, in French and English.

The firm’s expertise is also regularly called for by competitive clusters dedicated to the video game industry, as well as by institutional players.
The firm participates in the drafting and negotiation of development, co-publishing, localization, adaptation and distribution contracts.

Our lawyers help you negotiate your contracts and protect your gameplay and gamedesign.

Our lawyers help you negotiate your contracts and protect your gameplay and gamedesign. We can also represent and assist you in negotiations with the French Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers in the music industry (Sacem) to protect games soundtrack and sound packaging.
In addition, the firm is working more and more on issues related to the use of actors for motion capture or dubbing in video games.

Internationally, we have a network of partners in most European countries with extended expertise in their local video game laws.

The founder of the firm, Mr. Henri LEBEN leads a seminar on video game law at the University of Aix Marseille as part of a Master’s degree in intellectual property.

Our lawyers have handled...

  • Setting up the legal documentation of a mobile game publisher;
  • Providing assistance during negotiations to a PC and console game developer;
  • Drafting of development, publishing, co-publishing and distribution agreements;
  • Providing assistance during the transfer of the rights of a freelance author and employed authors;
  • Negotiating musical rights;
  • Negotiating a digital distribution contract;
  • Providing assistance during a dispute between a developer and a publisher;
  • Providing assistance during a litigation between co-authors of a collaborative work;
  • Drafting and providing assistance in the negotiation of localization agreements;
  • Overviewing the collection process of personal data from adult players and players under the legal age, within a console and PC game;

And many other exciting missions.

Leben Avocats has also developed real know-how in relation to the regulations applicable to personal data, through its partnership with the data protection officer VIRTUAL-DPO.