As one of the main activities of the firm, we support our clients in the implementation of new processes for complying with the GDPR, auditing their subcontractors and keeping processing and subcontracting registers.
In order to carry out its missions, the firm has concluded a series of partnerships with IT and cyber security service providers to cover all compliance obligations.

In particular, the firm works with the company VIRTUAL-DPO, which enables our clients to benefit from external DPO solutions, as well as a hotline service available to their referents in terms of personal data.
We offer you legal audits to verify your data processing and privacy policy, and more generally, to check that the agreements executed with your clients and partners comply with GDPR.

We help you to negotiate the provisions related to personal data in the contracts agreed upon with your processors or controllers. We also assist you in the negotiation of your international contracts to implement the necessary measures for data transfers outside the European Union (BCR, SCC, compliance with Privacy Shield-type mechanisms, etc.).
The firm also helps you to define, prior to the development of your applications and solutions, the constraints to be respected for implementing a privacy by design-compliant project.

The firm has taken part in numerous prospective studies, particularly in relation to geolocation and the consequences of the development of artificial intelligence and the rise of big data.

The founder of the firm, Me. Henri LEBEN is also a lecturer in personal data law and participates in the training of many DPOs.

Our lawyers have successfully dealt with...

  • Auditing and implementing compliance mechanisms in a national group of accountants;
  • Auditing and implementing compliance mechanisms for a CRM tool based on artificial intelligence;
  • Negotiating sub-contracting agreements on behalf of a software publisher;
  • Auditing and implementing compliance mechanisms in a press group specialized in information on new technologies;
  • Assistance of a Compliance team of a US based company during the acquisition of a French subsidiary;
  • Auditing and implementing compliance mechanisms in a distribution network;
  • Lecture in a public training institute specialized in defense, to present the stakes related to the regulations on personal data;

And many other exciting missions.

Leben Avocats has also developed real know-how in relation to the regulations applicable to personal data, through its partnership with the data protection officer VIRTUAL-DPO.