New Technologies

New Technologies

Familiar with the issues affecting digital technology industries, the firm's practice has evolved in recent years with the rise of new technologies.

The firm has a strong presence in this sector and participates in numerous conferences and professional events in France and abroad.
In its day-to-day practice, the firm assists software publishers, fintech, telecommunications, video game publishing and development companies, biotechnology companies, as well as numerous innovative players.
All of the firm's lawyers and consultants are well versed in the latest technological developments as to understand the issues faced by our clients. Training sessions are regularly organized with researchers and scientists to benefit from complementary visions on the latest technological developments.

The firm works on a regular basis with companies specialising in cybersecurity,

to help them define their rights and obligations while providing their services (ERP integration, security audits, maintenance obligations, etc.).
Our lawyers are also regularly called upon by corporate teams during acquisition operations, to audit IT/IP contracts.

Leben Avocats is active in the field of personal data and offers outsourced DPO services in partnership with Virtual-DPO.

Leben Avocats audits contracts and websites, and assists its customers and their processors as to achieve compliance with current data protection laws and regulations.

Our lawyers have successfully dealt with...

  • Implementation of framework contracts for several leading software publishers (proprietary and open source software)
  • Intervention alongside an antivirus publisher to put an end to the illicit resale of activation keys;
  • Advising a Payment Service Provider on the consequences of the Second Payment Services Directive;
  • Setting up the contractual environment of an intermediation platform;
  • Drafting of a publishing contract for a major player in the video game industry;
  • Negotiation of a development contract between a French studio and an American publisher;
  • Drafting of Agile Software Development agreements;
  • GDPR compliance of a French social network;

And many other exciting missions.

Leben Avocats has also developed real know-how in relation to the regulations applicable to personal data, through its partnership with the data protection officer VIRTUAL-DPO.